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Music Folders Feature Broken On build (901004-4bf9488)


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  • Poweramp build number (901004-4bf9488)
  • Your device model (Realme C2) [RMX1941]
  • Your Android version (Android 10)
  • Steps to reproduce
  1. Go to music folders (As you can see in the first screenshot, the music count is over 800)
  2. Deselect any folder within the SD card
  3. Press "Select Folders"
  4. Check again the music folders (As you can see, all of the folders was deselected instead of only one folder which makes the song count to be 1)






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If you expand the 'Music' folder in that last list, are any of the contents ticked? If you untick the top level, all subfolders will be disabled too unless you expand the folder and re-tick the subfolders you want.

Unless there are particular reasons why not, I would select and then deselect the top levels of the internal storage and the SD Card, so nothing at all is selected, and then go back in and tick just the SD Card's 'Music' folder, plus any other specific folders that you might also want scanned.


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@andrewilley The problem is that when I untick a subfolder in my "Music" folder it deselects all the way up which I think shouldn't behave this way as it worked fine in last build. 

You can see in my screenshot that I untick the "Alarms" folder which doesn't have any songs. Why would it deselects all of the other folders? Seems weird.

Just to clarify, I didn't untick the SD card storage, I just untick the "Alarms" folder which means that the app is not scanning the "Alarms" folder and every folder should be scanned. And the problem is that the app thinks I deselect all of the folders which really isn't the case.

I have used this feature over a year now and this the first problem I encountered so far and why not report it?

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Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I can now duplicate this bug: deselecting any single subfolder automatically deselects ALL of the other subfolders that exist on the same level. For now, a work-around would be to re-select each of the other subfolders manually - but a bit of a pain if there are a lot of them.

@maxmp when you get a chance to look into this, could you also implement a 'filled-in selector box' feature to indicate when only some of a folder's subfolders have been selected? Currently it's a bit hard to see at the unexpanded top level if you have any partially selected folders:


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