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Sort ALBUM by "date added/modified Filesystem date/time"

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The concept of an 'Album' only exist as a series of songs that all happen to be tagged in such a way that they can be grouping together under one logical name. Thus the nearest thing to a 'last-modified-date' or 'date-added' for an album would be to use the timestamp or the date-added for any one of the contained songs.

'Date Added to Library' used to be cleared whenever you ran a Full Rescan (because the database is cleared and then re-built, adding all the songs again) but I'm not sure if that has been changed.


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Since all my music is structured "Artist/Album(s)/Tracks" and I typically am an Album type person I use the Folders option and list in reverse order by file system date to see a listing of recently added albums. I do it this way because there is no way to get the "Recently Added" category to list by this same criteria. Now if we had the ability to rename categories I would remove "Recently Added" and then rename Folders to "New Music".

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