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Multiple issues since Android 11 update


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I upgraded to a S10+ from a S8 a couple of months ago. It was so much faster in all Poweramp operations that was until it updated to Android 11. Now scanning takes a eternity and certain albums that I have had forever, like 10cc will not correctly show its tagging and only in Poweramp. For example with a 10cc album (The Original Soundtrack) it keeps saying unknown artist and album. If I'm on my phone I use automatag to edit tags, if more then one track, so I ran the album through that, then I tried "tag & rename" on my PC and still no luck, although it should be mentioned it plays and displays tags correctly through Music Bee on my computer. Any ideas what's going on?

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Some of Samsung's Android 11 updates seem to cause all sorts of file system access issues. Oddly, in this case it seems like it is partially working for you, which seems a bit odd.

A few things to try: First, check that Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode is turned OFF. Then go into Settings > Library > Music Folders and remove the selected storage completely and let PA rescan to show no songs. Then go back in and tick the correct music location again (may need to Grant Access if needed) and then either let it rescan or force a complete scan with Settings > Library > Full Rescan.

Make sure you don't have any automatic file-syncing software running, especially when you are using Poweramp or when it is scanning.

If your 10cc tracks are still showing as Unknown, long-press on one of those songs in the list view and select 'Info/Tags' and check to see if the tag content is present in the copied file.

There are other threads discussing various Samsung Android 11 update file-access issues which might help too, such as:


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