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Cue file confusion


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I have one album that is creating multiple copies of the same song within the album. All the extra tracks are CUE files, I first deleted the cue files to no avail. I then moved the tracks to a new folder and deleted the original. Now when I do a new scan (and full rescan) it bounces from the cue files being there, then not. This album has 19 tracks but Poweramp is saying 240.


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Don't try to manage / delete the unnecessary CUE files within Poweramp, use a proper file explorer app. Then do a FULL rescan after you've removed them all.

If you never wish to use any CUE sheets at all, you can avoid the hassle of deleting the unnecessary files by disabling the feature completely in Settings > Library > Scanner > Parse CUE Files. But that's a global setting, so you won't be able to use any genuine CUE files either.


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