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Poweramp split a full hour album into tracks, is shuffling them and is not wanted


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Hello. I have an mp3 which is over an hour long. It consists of many tracks, but the mp3 is a single track.

When I enable shuffle, it is mixing the tracks up. I'd like it to either put the entire album into the shuffle, or not play any of the songs individually during shuffle.

Help! Thanks :)

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Do you have a .cue file? I assume that you have .cue files, this is a simple text file that has information on how to split a large file into individual tracks.

You have two settings related to cue files:

  • Show CUE Disc Image Files
  • Parse CUE files
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Do you normally want the long MP3 file split into multiple separate tracks (which is achieved with an accompanying .CUE file that contains a series of index reference points) or do you want PA to treat the whole thing as one long piece of music?

If you want separate tracks, then Poweramp will always treat them as separate songs just like an album folder of their own - so when you shuffle, some of them may pop up, but out of order, as is the nature of random.

If you want the whole file to be treated as one long piece of music, you can simply delete (or otherwise rename) the accompanying CUE file and Poweramp will see the file as a single long song for the purposes of playback and shuffling. 

As @6b6561 has said, you can disable the splitting process in Settings too, but that it a global setting so it would affect your whole music collection and any other CUE files rather than just this one track.

For more information, I recently wrote a FAQ about CUE files and general music tagging, see:


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