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Support for ogg opus chapters

Stephen C

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I have several long opus mixes that have embedded track lists in the form of chapters. I would love the ability to see the info of the current chapter and skip between them within the file. 

Our is this something that is already there and I just missed? 


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Thanks for the request. This can be implemented the same way as CUEs implemented - via virtual folder containing individual entries. Though files like this are rare in the wild, I have just one sent by user, so feel free to share such tracks for test only: gpmaxmpz@gmail.com. Thanks!

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Chaptering or other types of sub-indexing of music tracks is not supported in PA.

The closest thing would be embedded CUE file data within compatible files, which would split the one large audio file into smaller 'pseudo-tracks' for playback purposes. I know this feature is available in FLAC/Vorbis, so I assume OGG/Opus Vorbis files should support it too (although they are not so common).

[Edit: Max beat me to it, same basic answer though]


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