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Disc# cannot be displayed normally when number of discs is bigger than 100


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I have some CDs that contain more than 100 cds, eg. Alfred Brendel - Complete Recordings which has 114 discs in one boxset. So when i import all 114 cds in Poweramp, it seems that disc number cannot be displayed normally. The disc number which is smaller than 100 works fine, while disc number larger than 100 lost their disc number tag, then these files that belong to disc# larger than 100 are displayed at the top of the list. I tried to rescan the whole files but did not work.

Poweramp version: build-893-uni[893009-6dc7fa26]

Andorid version: 8.1.0

Device: Hibay R5 (MP3) ver1.92

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Any Disc# tag which contains three digits or more - i.e. bigger than 99 - appears to be regarded as suspect/erroneous tag data (perhaps reasonably) so the number is not scanned, as if there was no Disc# tag present at all. The same goes if the Track# tag is greater than 998, the tag is treated as invalid.

However, although they are rare there are a few real world cases - such as your example - where there are more than 100 CDs in a set, so perhaps the current validation checking should be extended to allow three digits.


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