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  1. Не хочет интегрировать в квадрат, на официальном OC. Zui 2.0.093 st. Я слышал на miui так-же =(
  2. cura4ka

    Aux Bug

    I'm talking about a bug when the license is over
  3. У тебя стоит сток или кастамная прошивка
  4. cura4ka

    Aux Bug

    since I'm not particularly versed in the mistakes I will write a brief instruction on how to use the bug. 1.download app 2.Automatic playback when the headset is connected. 3.random sequence 4.During the period of beta testing, you can adjust the equalizer for yourself. 5.beta test ends but when the headset is connected, the music starts playing.With what you can manage through the headset and through a mini widget.
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