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Skip Count and Play Count


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This could be a bug as I have only just got this app and unsure, but I recently started using musicbee and this app to 2 way sync my music and play counts. 

I have noticed that Poweramp registers plays way to sensitively as if I start and skip a track it will come up as a play on my sync back to musicbee.

Integration of a skip count and the ability to change how long a track must be played for to change the play count could help with this.


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Yes, this is by far the biggest hole in Poweramp for me. Playcounts are incredibly important for managing a large library, and the way Poweramp currently handles them doesn't make sense. If I'm playing a large playlist randomly, and I skip a song that I don't like, the fact that it played for 2 seconds isn't especially helpful. The fact that I skipped it tells me a lot more about whether I should remove it from the playlist. At the very least, Poweramp shouldn't mark a track as played unless a significant amount of the track (50%?) was played. Ideally, it should record a skip if that threshold wasn't reached.

It's very helpful for identifying the music I actually like in my huge library (8K songs).

Please integrate this feature!

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