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  1. Thanks for the update. Upon testing the Count as played feature, when I play a song to the end and carry on and play onto the next song, the played times and last played sections under tags do not update. When I skip a song that I have played past the threshold, those tags update. Samsung Galaxy S10+ android 11, build 900
  2. this latest build also seem to very unstable. Menu seem to very sluggish, the app often freezes and doesn't respond when I select something like recently played although it might because it is doing a rescan.
  3. I reverted to build 893 and now the times played updates everytime I play or skip a track and musicbee sync picks this up and updates the playcount on the desktop library. I would therefore assume that this recent update somehow broke the system which updated the "times played" tag on the Poweramp database because this remained at zero after playing a track.
  4. Yes, I believe musicbee took the play count (or times played) from PA's internal database. So if I skipped a specific track and went back to replay it fully, it would count the skip and the play as 2 plays and transfer it to the musicbee library on my computer.
  5. I gathered it is something internal within Poweramp as I am aware that play counts do not carry over on the android database. My concern is that it breaks the features of sync play counts across musicbee sync. But at the same time the count as played feature is something I would like as a part of Poweramp as, if it was working in collaboration with musicbee sync, would fix annoy little quirk I have with Poweramp as before the app used to count as played regardless for how long you actually played the song. You skip a song and it would counted as played and sync across to musicbee which for me is just annoying.
  6. This has happened to me as well. Every album track under album view is duplicated a number of times. The duplications don't show on All songs view. Using a samsung galaxy s10+ with android 11
  7. hello this new feature does not work. Tested it on a few songs and when I start a song and check the tags the playcount and last played will update to 1 and however many seconds ago on commencement of the song. But when I go into the tags after finishing the song, the play count reverts to 0. Because of this, I can no longer sync play counts across musicbee. Of course this might be something that musicbee need to fix with their app but given what I just uncovered I believe that this new feature from Poweramp is broken. I am using the pa899 on a samsung galaxy s10+
  8. Hello This could be a bug as I have only just got this app and unsure, but I recently started using musicbee and this app to 2 way sync my music and play counts. I have noticed that Poweramp registers plays way to sensitively as if I start and skip a track it will come up as a play on my sync back to musicbee. Integration of a skip count and the ability to change how long a track must be played for to change the play count could help with this. Thanks
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