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  1. They are m3u and m3u8 imported from Musicbee. I can scroll and select individual songs (track counter at one) but then the next song will go back to the top of the list. Tried creating playist from Poweramp and these seem work properly.
  2. its set to advance catagory. I did try it with repeat setting turned off but it still does not shuffle.
  3. Hi, I am trying to shuffle a playlist over 10k songs and it does not works. It just repeatly plays the first track on the list everytime I press shuffle (Builds 978-981)
  4. Count As Played is broken after latest update. Tracks counts as played regardless of how long its been played. Plus it counts when track is skipped. using a Samsung S23 ultra
  5. Forgot to mention that it is also slow scanning playlists on my Xperia 1 II
  6. I updated to latest build and the file scan takes forever scan playlists. Using FiiO M11 Plus, playlist are m3u8 format. Some of the lists are quite large, in the 10k, but previous build never took nearly an hour to scan
  7. Thanks for the update. Upon testing the Count as played feature, when I play a song to the end and carry on and play onto the next song, the played times and last played sections under tags do not update. When I skip a song that I have played past the threshold, those tags update. Samsung Galaxy S10+ android 11, build 900
  8. this latest build also seem to very unstable. Menu seem to very sluggish, the app often freezes and doesn't respond when I select something like recently played although it might because it is doing a rescan.
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