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No Bluetooth track info on Pixel 4a

Cape Cod Sam

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Just upgraded from a Moto G6 to a Pixel 4a.  I've been a PA user for years.  The BT track info was appearing on my car's display (not using Android Auto) when using the Moto.  I can't get it to work with the Pixel, same car, same settings.  I've seen the various tips and tried them to no avail.  To be clear, the car receiver has always displayed source and track info from BT in its simple display, not a multifunction panel, so I do not use Android Auto.

PA version V3-build-884-arm64-play (884004-98760411)

Purchase verified and stored

Phone: Google Pixel 4a

Android version: 11

No custom ROM.

Steps to reproduce: Attempt to see track info when playing over Bluetooth. Find that this is not possible.


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It's probably an Android 11 issue, Google do love to break update things. Compatibility between different makes of BT output device, BT receivers, and OS versions can be a bit of an uncertain science. There are a few options that might help though, such as Settings > Misc > Metachanged Intent. You could also try changing the Bluetooth AVRCP version in Android Settings > Developer Options.


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Thanks for the replies.  I tried both AVRCP versions 1.6 and 1.3, did the unpair/re-pair thing, and still no joy. Ah, the joys of developing software in an essentially standards-free (or more correctly, "standards-rich; just pick the right one!") environment.  Yes, I'm a developer as well.  :)

-- Sam

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