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incomplete folder content

Sir Joe

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Hi there

I am a new user - I found a strange behaviour in the app which I cannot get sorted out.


I copied several files in separate folders to my SD card on my Moto G(7) plus, from a USB stick connected to the phone with an adapter.

Everything went on smoothly except for one of the folders, for which I can see all the files in the file system from outside the app, but Poweramp only shows one FLAC file and a .cue file. If I play the .cue I get to play only one file (different from the one I see in the library).

I tried rescanning and reconstructing the library. I made sure the folder is selected in settings.Nothing is changing


See attached screenshots.


Thanks for your help




Screenshot_20201101-000519 (2).jpg


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Is the CUE file actually needed? Often ripping software adds them needlessly, just pointing to multiple separate audio files which will be scanned anyway. Unless it is specifically intended to break one large file down into multiple smaller songs, you would be best removing it. If you think it is needed, could you post it here? It will be plain text, so can just be pasted into a post.


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The cue files often don't have the correct path once copied to the new folder. You may need to edit these to the relative location. Or in your case since the actual files seem to exist for the able, you may be better to delete the cue file and let Poweramp manage the library.

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Hi Andre and Motley

Actually deleting the cue file fixed this - I should have tried that myself, I got confused because one of the files actually was found correctly.

I don't use cue files actually, it was just left there after ripping


Thanks for your prompt help!!



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