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New Google Chromecast plus TV


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Yes, I tested on both previous chromecast and chromecast audio with no problems. Also tested other audio apps with new chromecast with no problems. I realize that the new chromecast is only new, but I am surprised that Poweramp (my favorite audio app) has this problem. 


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Hi, and thanks for your time.Much appreciated. I'm not sure what to look for in the Audio info, but I did reset to default those that were underlined to do so. Problem still exists.

Because I have rarely had any issues with Poweramp, I haven't needed to explore more deeply into the settings.

Attached is what the TV looks like when chromecasting with the new "Google Chromecast with Google TV "

Audio is also stuck.


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I'm sure sure whether PA determines the layout, or if it merely passes the content to Chromecast which then generates the visual representation.

For Audio Info, when connected just long-press the metadata line at the bottom of the screen (or Settings > Audio > Audio Info).

Also for the audio glitching, try increasing Settings > Audio > Output > Chromecast > Buffer Size.


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PA + Chromecast with GoogleTV does not work in an AT ALL manner, no matter what buffer sizes, audio rates etc you set. It's something different. Often starts with a few seconds of silence, then plays 2 seconds, then 10 seconds silence... The counter on PA side just halts while silent.

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