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And if the question is more about favourites (i.e. thumb/star ratings) there is also a new option which automatically exports star-ratings into playlists. To create an overarching playlist which contains your entire music collection, go to the 'All Songs' library category, choose 'Select' at the top of the list and tap 'All'. With every song selected, Tap '+ Playlist' and call it something like Everything. It will be exported along with all your other Playlists when you do Settings > Library > Playlists > Export Poweramp Playlists.

When you set up your new device, make sure Settings > Library > Playlists > Import Ratings is enabled. Once all your songs have been scanned into the Library for the first time, copy all your saved playlists into a suitable location (somewhere PA has been told it can scan) and it will find them automatically. 


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