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Poweramp unlocker does not recognize I payed


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Poweramp trial already expired when I tried it. I purchased for the Poweramp unlocker, using ideal. Now it keeps saying I need to buy again. I can see the purchase amount of 4,99 euro got extracted from my bank account. It just doesn't unlock Poweramp. This doesn't work. Can I get my money back? 

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What do you mean by purchased using ideal?

if you purchased via the Google Play Store, just install the unlocker app on your device and the existing main Poweramp app should be unlocked and work fine. If you purchased via this website, you should receive an email with a code to enter into the app.


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 I have purchased Poweramp unlocker (90rupees)the money deducted from my account but I couldn't download the app. And then I thought the purchase is not done properly since I didn't recieve money deducted message from my bank quickly. I again purchased the app and again it didnot allow me to download and asks money.and later I received message from my bank reg money deduction two time. I spent 180rs which is two time I tried. Still the unlocker is not downloadable for me. It ask money. 

 Kindly requesting to do the needful. And give me access to unlocker. And one refund
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