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Picture-in-picture (PIP)


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I tried searching but have not found anything related to picture in picture PIP.

I'm not sure if this is a feature request or not, so I thought I would start off a discussion in the general chatter.

What I envisage is another way to interact with Poweramp while using it in my Android Head Unit in my car.  With the screen doing navigation, I was thinking of a small window, that can be moved and possibly resized, for Poweramp.  It would have the current Album cover for the song playing with a next / previous function.  The left half of the image for previous and the right half for next and maybe an area in the center of the image for play / pause.  Also, having the steering wheel buttons active while Poweramp has focus, and perhaps also while not in focus?

Anyway, if this shouldn't be here or is more appropriate for the Features forum, please move this thread.

Purchased Poweramp recently.  Very nice!

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I tried to bring up Poweramp on my head unit in PIP.  I could not.  I went into the settings, apps, special, picture in picture and Poweramp was not listed.  Also, within Poweramp itself, there are no settings related to PIP.  My head unit is a TEyes SPro and the firmware is Android 8.1, API 27.  I also tried on my phone running Android 10 with the same results.

Please provide steps you took to bring up Poweramp in a window and indicate the Android version you are using.

Thank you

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I use a Samsung Galaxy A70, currently Android 10 but it worked fine on 9 too. Windowed mode also worked on my previous Galaxy Note 3 with Android 6 too.

I just tap the Recent Apps button and choose the little grid icon for selecting multi-window (about 120 apps show in my list). Long-press on the Poweramp icon and drag it to either the top, bottom or middle of the screen (for dual panel top/bottom modes, or floating resizeable window).


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I checked and still not there.  I have the split screen working but not PIP.  FYI, my phone is a Note 3 running Android 10.

I found this: https://nokiapoweruser.com/list-apps-support-oreo-picture-picture-mode-enable/

Many references to PIP indicate that the app needs to support it.  Maybe Samsung made some changes that added global PIP in Android.  Also, from what I'm reading, it looks like the PIP infrastructure in Android started in Android 8, Oreo.  They also mention going in to Apps & notifications, then Special app access.  One of the items is Picture-in-picture.  When I go to that screen, I only see:  Chrome, Duo, Firefox, Google Play services, HDHomeRun, Maps, MX Player, Plex, Tor Browser and YouTube.

Has anyone else had any luck?

In any case, it's not a big deal and I can live without it.  I figured it would be nice to have navigation at full screen with an album picture showing for the currently playing song.


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