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Inconsistent Repeat behaviour at end of playback


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While I was checking on something else for another topic, I just noticed that the 'Advance Category' mode behaves inconsistently in different Library Categories. In most Categories it functions effectively as a 'Repeat All' function - so at the end of the final category it just starts again from the beginning of the first category. However in the 'All Songs' Category, it stops playback at the end of the final song in the list.

I guess this harks back to something that I suggested ages ago, which was that the Repeat button might be more easily understood by new users if it used subtly different wording. The only actual code change in my suggestion was to add one extra item instead of just 'Advance List', allowing the user to choose between stopping at the end of the current sequence (as per the 'All Songs' Category above) or repeating forever (as happens with other Categories). Having that extra choice would fix the above inconsistency.

For what it's worth, my suggestion was to use the following simpler wording: Play One Song ; Play Category ; Play All ; Repeat Song ; Repeat Category ; Repeat All


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I think it would be helpful to allow the user to choose what happens at the end of playback of all songs - i.e. when using the 'Advance Category' mode, either stop (as currently happens in the 'All Songs' category) or repeat again from the beginning (as happens in most other category choices).

My suggested update to the 'Repeat' icon wording would thus map from the existing terms as follows:

   Single Song  --->  Play One Song  (Play current Song, then pause)
   Repeat Off  --->  Play Category  (Play to end of current Category, then pause)
   Advance Category  --->  Play All (Play all Categories, then pause)
   Repeat Song  --->  Repeat Song  (Repeat current Song forever)
   Repeat Category  --->  Repeat Category  (Repeat current Category forever)
   Advance Category  --->  Repeat All  (Repeat all Categories forever)


By the way, I just noticed that the current 'Single Song' mode seems to behave oddly at the end of the song. Once playback has paused at the end, if you then press Play again the counter seems to wind back a few seconds (5-15 seconds), tries a few times to play, then shows a "Failed to Play" toast. As playback had paused right at the end of a song, I would expect that pressing the Play button should start playing the next song either that or return to the beginning of the paused song and play that again (maybe worth having that as an option?).


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