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LG V40 Thin-Q Android 10 Volume Issues

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Hey, Poweramp community. 

My LG V40 Thin-Q recently updated to Android 10 and been having a Volume issue.


Highs and mids decrease when there's bass. I've removed the bass completely through EQ; highs and mids still duck when there's bass. Even at medium to low volume. This happens whether I use Hi-Res or just normal, DVC on or off.

Solutions I've tried:

1. Resetting everything back to default.

2. Reinstalling everything.

3. Resetting my phone.

4. Playing volume at medium level.

I haven't found a fix for this, but I hope it gets sorted by the next update...? 🤞

Version Info ======================

Build: v3-build-871-arm64-play full verified cached

Store: Play

Unlocker: build-302

Arch: 64

Skin: ActivityTheme_Black

Device: LGE LM-V405 sdm845 judypn judypn_lao_com [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi]

Installer: com.lge.bnr (9.10.11)

Android: 10 QKQ1.191222.002 en_US 


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Somewhere you have you gain set too high, so when there is a high level of bass the overall volume is being reduced to avoid clipping. Have you checked the preamp setting in EQ, and also ReplayGain, to ensure the overall levels are not too high?


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You have a Bass boost of 20%, try turning that off and see if it makes a difference. Also try turning the preamp down as low as it will go and see if that changes the random ducking. You could also turn the Limiter off, and see if any distortion that occurs is actually audible to you.


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@andrewilley Hey, Andre! 

Quick update.

The current update fixed the lack of volume with the 384 khz upscale on the Hi-Res Output I was having as well.

There is also a way to fix the audio by modifying the audio of Poweramp independently on LG V40 Thin-Q.

Apparently, Android 10 for LG introduced Independent Volume Adjusting per App.

I only had to set Poweramp volume to 30% while the System volume was at 80%, that fixed the volume dipping.

If I could provide with more screenshots without the size limitation. That'd be great. 

Anyway, I hope this helps the community.


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On 7/9/2020 at 9:52 PM, KazukiHizushi said:

As it stands. 

This current iteration of Poweramp for the LG V-40 Thin-Q for Android 10 is perfect.

Thank you so much for sharing your findings! My V40 updated itself to Android 10 yesterday and the problems started.

I managed to resolve the volume dipping the way you did - by reducing the individual Poweramp volume and increasing the master volume instead. However, I have a problem with the DVC. When DVC is enabled for Hi-res output, I can hear almost constant hi-frequency pop in the background. It's almost impossible to listen to the music like that. The only way to get rid of it is to disable to DVC.

Does anyone have the same problem?

@andrewilley Can you, please, move this thread to the Bug Reports section? I believe this is the correct place for it.

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