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  1. As it stands. This current iteration of Poweramp for the LG V-40 Thin-Q for Android 10 is perfect.
  2. @andrewilley Hey, Andre! Quick update. The current update fixed the lack of volume with the 384 khz upscale on the Hi-Res Output I was having as well. There is also a way to fix the audio by modifying the audio of Poweramp independently on LG V40 Thin-Q. Apparently, Android 10 for LG introduced Independent Volume Adjusting per App. I only had to set Poweramp volume to 30% while the System volume was at 80%, that fixed the volume dipping. If I could provide with more screenshots without the size limitation. That'd be great. Anyway, I hope this helps the comm
  3. 100% sure no Replay Gain is active. I'd send another screenshot, but I can only send a 56KB image.
  4. Right, I've done that. But now, it doesn't sound as great and it's not as loud as I'd want it to be, while the ducking is still there when I turn up the volume with the preamp on -12.0 and Bass on 0 Then quiet songs seem much quieter.
  5. @andrewilley Thanks for the quick reply. Gains are turned off and I never turn up the Preamp. 👌
  6. Hey, Poweramp community. My LG V40 Thin-Q recently updated to Android 10 and been having a Volume issue. Issue: Highs and mids decrease when there's bass. I've removed the bass completely through EQ; highs and mids still duck when there's bass. Even at medium to low volume. This happens whether I use Hi-Res or just normal, DVC on or off. Solutions I've tried: 1. Resetting everything back to default. 2. Reinstalling everything. 3. Resetting my phone. 4. Playing volume at medium level. I haven't found a fix for this, but I hope it gets sorted by the
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