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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your findings! My V40 updated itself to Android 10 yesterday and the problems started. I managed to resolve the volume dipping the way you did - by reducing the individual Poweramp volume and increasing the master volume instead. However, I have a problem with the DVC. When DVC is enabled for Hi-res output, I can hear almost constant hi-frequency pop in the background. It's almost impossible to listen to the music like that. The only way to get rid of it is to disable to DVC. Does anyone have the same problem? @andrewilley Can you, please, move this
  2. I have exactly the same problem when I set the pre-load next track to more than 0. It cuts off the end of the songs. However, if I disable the pre-load, songs are not gapless and I hear a short pause when it switches to the next song.
  3. I don't live in the US, dude. And I don't have a phone.
  4. And he could prove that I wasn't joking?
  5. Thank you for your reply! This is interesting. However, I don't understand why not make it in the following way: Poweramp loads a song - the song is 96kHz - Poweramp automatically changes the output resolution to 96kHz. Next time when another song is loaded, which is 44.1kHz, Poweramp automatically changes the output resolution to 44.1kHz. I mean, it would be the same as if we go and change it ourselves in the options. Which is in fact buried very deep into the settings.
  6. After years of using a cracked Poweramp version, today I bought a copy of it. I think it's already perfect. What I miss is only one option: "always try to match track's resolution". Can you implement such an option so we don't go and manually change the output resolution every time we load different albums with different resolution? Do this and don't call it beta anymore. :) Cheers!
  7. Dude, I had the same problem with my HTC 10. As I said, the next day it just got resolved by itself. I didn't touch anything. I just tried the next day again and it worked through my earphones. Maybe you leave it for 1 day to settle down. ??
  8. Dither is always disabled for me. Anyway, it got fixed by itself somehow. Today I tried again and it worked. I don't know how, I didn't touch anything.
  9. Thanks for the reply, man. It got fixed by itself without me touching anything. Yesterday there was no way for me to get any sound from the headphones but today it works. ?
  10. Guys, does anyone have any idea why the sound is coming out of my speakers, not from my headphones? This is happening only when I enable the hi-res output. I really hoped that this version would work because it's feature complete. But it just doesn't. There is something broken.
  11. @maxmp, HTC10. When I enable the Hi-res output, the sounds comes out of the speakers only, not from the headphones. Where is the problem? Also, isn't it possible to make the output to always match the source's sample frequency? This would be a great addition which would prevent us to manually change it every time we play a different source.
  12. I think the most important functions which have to be implemented as soon as possible, are the .cue files support and the folders browsing and sorting. Otherwise everything for now seems to be secondary. But without .cue files support, half of my music library can't be listened to.
  13. Hello, Max Thank you very much for the new version! I am using HTC 10 with Android 8. May I know what does "Float32 Sample Format" option do and why the volume level is lower when it's enabled? Is it better to leave it enabled or should I disable it?
  14. Thanks a lot for sharing this tip! I am with HTC 10 too and I was wondering how to get the audio information show up. Do you get a lower volume level or severe clipping when Float32 is enabled?
  15. Why less clipping? There should be NO clipping at all. Clipping is intolerable. I am actually not sure what exactly this option does in the first place but apparently we are better without it.
  16. Try to disable "Float32 Sample Format". I had a horrible clipping too on my HTC 10, but when I disabled this, the sound is back to normal.
  17. You have to use 704 version if you want to use Hi-res output on HTC 10 with Android 7.0. There are issues, but at least it works somehow. On my phone there is a huge delay between any changes in volume and the actual response of the player - more than 5 seconds. Also, the timing starts with a few seconds forward and the album always ends (the sound stops) few seconds before it's actually over. It's very annoying, but I guess we have no choice at the moment.
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