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Navigate to album from main screen


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Not sure if this was a recent change, or if I'm somehow just imagining things, but I swear once upon a time that tapping on the album art in the main player screen would navigate you to the song's album in the library, but for some reason it seems to now navigate to the song's place in the "All songs" list. I tried looking for an option related to this in case it's something I changed, but I can't find anything. Any ideas, or am I just somehow going crazy and it never did this before?

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Tapping on the album art takes you to see the song you are listening to in the currently playing Category - which could be Album, Folder, Artist, Genre, Playlist, etc. This would be the category that you initially started playback in.

To view in another category, long-press on the artwork area and choose Album, Folder, Artist or Genre from the bottom of the list.

To switch playback mode to a new category, just tap on a song title within the relevant Library category list (such as the ones mentioned above). Playback won't be interrupted if that is already the currently playing song.


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