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  1. Not sure if this was a recent change, or if I'm somehow just imagining things, but I swear once upon a time that tapping on the album art in the main player screen would navigate you to the song's album in the library, but for some reason it seems to now navigate to the song's place in the "All songs" list. I tried looking for an option related to this in case it's something I changed, but I can't find anything. Any ideas, or am I just somehow going crazy and it never did this before?
  2. Following up on this, I reverted to build 709, disabled the Android lockscreen, and this issue is now resolved for me. Unsure if there's at all the option, but I'd petition for the return of this option in current builds, as this makes Poweramp unusable for me on this device.
  3. Submitted a bug report for this, but posting here as well as instructed. Device is Blackberry Priv, Android 6.0.1, there's nothing but stock for this device. Poweramp is v3, build 845, as noted. Issue is that either Android or the Poweramp lockscreens will result in the audio being routed to the handset speaker from the device connected to the headphone jack once either the Poweramp screen is dismissed, or the Android lockscreen displaying the Poweramp notification. I normally use the swipe type of lockscreen, but have reproduced the issue using pattern unlock as well. Tried varying lockscreen settings, as well as audio focus settings, and notification settings. Unsure of what else to try at this point. It's a minor nuisance with headphones as it only plays over the speaker for 1-2 seconds, but when I have my phone connected to my vehicle's auxiliary input, it remains stuck on the speaker until I physically unplug the cable from my phone, and plug it back in again. This is obviously not possible while driving, so this is a somewhat serious issue for me. I suspect it has something to do with the enforced Android lockscreen setting, I recall in older Poweramp versions, you could fully disable the Android one. I don't use any of the features that are listed as being broken by not having it, and I suspect none of those features work on my version of Android anyway, so I may attempt downgrading to an older build that still has that option and seeing if the issue is resolved. I'll update here with results if I end up going ahead with that for anyone else who may have run into this odd bug, unless it is otherwise resolved before then. I have a plethora of Android devices, and this is the first time I've had this issue.
  4. Not sure if this has been an issue previously, as I never had occasion to test it before, however noticed today when I tried using standard headphones with my USB DAC on my Pixel 2, Poweramp refuses to use the Hi-Res output and forces the normal profile with the wired headset/aux output. This is very odd to me because if I plug in a male-to-male 3.5mm cable to connect it to my car's audio system, or any other type of line input, it correctly selects the USB DAC under the Hi-Res profile with all the exact same hardware. Can anyone shed some light on this possibly strange bug? Many thanks. Edit: Just did a bit more testing, and I suspect this might be an unintentional bug. I have a pair of original Beats Solo headphones that have a 3.5mm connector on them. If I connect the male-to-male cable to my USB DAC before plugging the other end into the headphones, PA switches to Hi-Res with the USB DAC and I can plug the headphones in and we're off to the races. However, if I first plug the cable into the headphones and THEN into the USB DAC, PA picks it up as headset/AUX under the standard output. Neat thing, but it allows me to test the difference, and with flac or 320kbit mp3, there is a MASSIVE difference between the audio for the standard and Hi-Res output, so I would kindly ask for this to be investigated as I would absolutely love to have that kind of high quality experience with my Sennheisers that sadly do not have a removable cable like my Beats. Thank you very much! Edit2: forgot my OS, on stock Pie with latest updates, build number is PPR2.180905.005
  5. Title pretty much says it all, similar to the existing option for "<< In Notification" setting under "Look and Feel" -> "Status Bar/Notification", I would like to suggest adding an option to toggle the close, or "X", button from the notification tile. So many times when I swipe down, and if I'm not precise enough, I accidentally press the close button when I mean to press the next button. Thanks for your time, I've been a huge Poweramp fan since the WM2003 days, best music player I've ever used!
  6. Poweramp version and build number 2.0.9 build 564-play Your device model Asus TF300T Your Android version 4.2.1 I'm not even really sure if this is a bug, or if it's just something that can't be done, but with my device, if I'm on the home screen or in the app itself, the hardware media keys on the keyboard dock function as expected (play/pause, previous, next) however if I have anything else in the foreground like, say, Firefox, the media keys do not respond. Like I say, this may be something that is simply not possible to be done, but I tried doing a bit of web searching and searching on the forums, and nothing came up about it, so it may just be that nobody else has ever tried doing this, heh. At any rate, fantastic work, I've loved Poweramp since the PocketPC days, and continue to love it on all my Android devices, thanks for everything you guys have done!
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