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Bass hits Volume lowers

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When playing any song in my library, the volume lowers significantly when the bass hits. This is especially prevalent if the bass is extended. I've installed other music apps and this issue doesn't exist.

Steps taken: Delete/reinstalled music library, Delete/reinstalled Poweramp, Reset all settings to default, Reset Phone to factory specs, 

Poweramp Build - 867-871

Samsung Note 9

Android Version - 10


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This can happen if you overloaded you basses and DVC is most probably disabled or volume is too high. In this case Limiter works by reducing overall peaks. You will hear obvious overloading (clipping) if you disable limiter.

Solutions are:
- enable DVC
- or reduce preamp


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@jameske91 This is because you have absolute volume disabled and DVC enabled. For bluetooth DVC requires disabling Absolute volume phone settings. Please review Poweramp settings / Audio / Direct Volume Controls (DVC) options.

Alternatively DVC can be disabled, that will resolve volume issue, but equalizer/tone dynamic range (ability to amplify frequency bands, especially basses without overloading) will be limited. 


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To maxmp and everyone else, 

Thank you for your suggestions. After I disabled the DVC and absolute volume, under Developer options, Poweramp works great. I do not have the up and down volume when the bass hits. 

Have a great and I hope everyone is staying safe/healthy.

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@jameske91 you don't need to disable DVC if you disabled absolute volume. IF you disabled bluetooth absolute volume  in developer options, now DVC may work (and should be enabled). Absolute volume means volume is always 100% and only the BT device can adjust final gain, this obviously means DVC (direct volume control inside player) is not available. Thanks!

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