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24-bit RGB resolution for album art option is greyed out

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Poweramp v3 build 871 (full)

Redmi 2 1gb+8gb (wt88047)

Android 9.0 Pie

Custom ROM (AospExtended ROM V6.6)

While my MP3 file has an embedded 1500x1500 image, Poweramp is showing me a 750x750 image as the album art of the song. Even if I select the High Resolution option, it is still very pixelated. The 24-bit RGB toggle is disabled for me under the advanced tweaks in the Album Art set of options. The image is really blurry on all the songs, I don't have this issue with my other phone, every image is crisp and clear. I have only seen this problem on the Redmi 2. I'm really sorry if my post breaks any rules or already addressed bugs. Thanks in advance!



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This is the actual size of the image that Poweramp tells me when high resolution is checked (it is unchecked by default on this phone only). But even when I select the 1500x1500 image, nothing happens and it is still pixelated. Is it a bug that has an easy fix? Or is it something to do with Android?


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Hello, you have recently released an update with a new option to Increase Resolution under Album Art, this option is greyed out too on my Redmi. I am able to enable 24-bit RGB album art on my Samsung S II which has a screen resolution of 800x480, but the Redmi 2 has a higher resolution of 1280x720 and still no luck with better quality of the album art. Both devices have 1 GB of ram. Please help me resolve this issue, I couldn't find a solution anywhere! If you know about one, please link it and let me know and I'll tell you the results. Thanks!

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@SaneComputing this is because your device allocates less than 128mb per app. Each 24bit image is 4-18mb and we need some memory for player itself;-)

PS per image memory allocation depends on color depth (24/16 bit), dimensions (Poweramp uses 512x512, 1024x1024, 1536x1536 texture sizes) and hardware bitmap format support, which reduces memory taken by 2 (Android 9+, except meizu which has this feature broken).

So standard hi-res 24 bit 1024x1024 image takes 1024(size)*1024(size)*4(24bits color)*2(pre-9 Android “tax”) = 8mb on Android pre-9, 4mb for Android 9+.

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Thank you for clarifying.

I just checked the new version again, the album art images are smooth now instead of being pixelated on this device. I'm happy with that at the moment :D I can try to show you from the attached image that it looks much better now. It's not the highest quality of the source image, but it looks fine.


Anyway, I would like to thank you both for your time and generous help!

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