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How do I disable swipe down gesture?

Joe Gent

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I have tried searching the forums for "gestures, Swipe down" and no luck. But i have an annoying issue that is sometimes a bug. Every since the first official release, when I swipe left or right, the slightest deviation to a down angle - it accepts the gesture as a swipe down. This gesture (I believe by default) goes to list view. I do not like this feature and want to disable it. Sometimes when I do it unintentionally (I'd say 66% of the time) it actually freezes in that mode. I cannot go back to album art view (main screen) or change tracks. I have to force close Poweramp to get back to normal. So to sum it up, I keep accidentally swiping down which is a feature I dont want and it happens to freeze Poweramp sometimes. 


Verizon VS996 (LG V30)

Android 9

Latest Poweramp build.


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Sadly you can't disable any of the up/down/left/right gestures in Poweramp v3 like you could in v2. Longer-term, I think there are plans to allow some gestures to be customised, but for now they do what they do.

That said, I find it very difficult to do this by accident. You have to really try hard to manage to turn a horizontal swipe into a vertical one - and if you do start to see it happening, just take your finger off the screen before you complete the move.


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