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Ability to Link Music Tracks - So They Play in Sequence

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When im listening to music, there are often times where I would like to hear a specific track straight after the one I am currently listening to.

I think it would be a great feature to provide the ability to 'link' tracks together so that when the first track plays, the linked track then plays straight after.

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I have a few tracks which must always be played together back-to-back, and in most cases I simply rip them as a single file if I never want to hear the second part as a stand-alone item.

It gets more complex with things like Audiobooks, where you do want to be able to find and play specific chapters (meaning you can't just edit them all together into one file) but equally you don't want them popping up randomly in Shuffle mode. Same goes for podcasts and radio shows, where you don't really want a two hour documentary or radio drama popping up in the middle of your random party music selection. ;) I've thought for a long time that there ought to be some sort of mechanism to hide certain tracks, or specific folders/genres/etc, from the Shuffle system to prevent that from happening, and there are a number of older threads discussing the issue 


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