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Faster Folder Scan


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I use Poweramp on my Android Media Player. It is connected to a USB drive with thousands of songs on it. When I add a new album it seems to take days, if ever, for it to show up in the folders. I would recommend a method to tell it to scan a single folder for changes. So when I'm in the folder view I could tell it to scan the selected folder only.Just like I can currently tell it to queue or shuffle the selected folder I could tell it to scan the selected folder for changes. That way if I add an album to the Grateful Dead folder I could have it rescan only the Grateful Dead folder looking for changes. Currently I have to do a full rescan to get new albums to show up.

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Thanks Andre but...........


Choosing rescan on the menu or just waiting it never seems to find the new folder. I have to do a full rescan in order for it to show up.


My music is on a USB drive and everything is under the folder /Music. That folder is selected to be scanned. There are around 11,000 songs arranged in about 500 folders stacked as many as 5 folders deep. Only a full rescan finds the new folders and it takes a couple of hours for that to run. It would be nice if I could add a folder, let's say add the Europe '72 album under the Grateful Dead folder and had a way to tell it to scan only the Greatful Dead folder for changes.


To make it even worse, I have NAS drive with over 800,000 songs in 40,000 folders on it. If I add that to be scanned it can take up to 6 hours for Poweramp to scan it. I learned the hard way not to add that into Poweramp. But even then, if I had a way to add a folder without doing a full rescan then it would help.

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