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Upgrade Doc/Guide from V2 to V3?

Ronald Harvey

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You should just over-install the old version with the new version, Google Play should do this automatically for you, there are no steps to take. You should not lose anything, unless there were already problems with your old database or other file system changes have occurred. Tags should never change as they are saving in your audio files, and can be re-read easily even on a clean setup.

If you lost playlists and ratings, that would normally be either a corrupt database or you removed/replaced the SD Card while the (old) app was running on your phone - the new app is a bit more resilient to Google's file system changes, so it's less likely to happen with v3.

You can export your Settings and internal Playlists before starting if you want, or use a third-party app like New Playlist Manager which can even back up ratings too.


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Just one note to this. Although npm can back up your ratings, the version has moved on and no longer supports Poweramp v2 so you can no longer backup Poweramp v2 ratings. Best way forward is to contact me as op has done as i can provide an older version which does work for Poweramp v2

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