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License Price in paypro


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It's actually should be $5.59 (price now leveled across countries and currencies), but yes, the PayPro (website) price has been increased recently and that is probably not the last increase.

Unfortunately "pay once for an app - get updates forever" business model doesn't work that well. This is why many apps moved, are moving, and will be moving to new monetization schemes (or just will stop updating). Traditional PC software usually charges for the next major version, but app stores model doesn't allow that. Recent Play developer policy changes (or rather, policy enforcement changes) may ban app for spamming v1, v2, v3 etc APK, so Google force app to be a single updated version at all times.

Due to the Poweramp continued development and support (and I have great plans for it), most probably, Play edition will be moved to the subscription model later in 2020 and previous purchases will stay a lifetime license, including website purchases.

For Poweramp website version to stay Google-less (or any other big corp-less) we need that intermediate PayPro company - and that means additional commissions, but it supports huge number of payment methods.

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