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Poweramp does not remember where the playback of the song ended


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I have BIG problem with Poweramp, I install Poweramp in car radio with Android. Problem is that Poweramp does not remember where playback ended. 

So I start auto....car radio start and Poweramp start play song from  the beginning......song have 3,25 min. all look OK...but I stop car...turn car radio OFF  when the Poweramp stop play song the song was in the middle of playback ( stop playback of the song in 1:37) BUT !!!! when I start up again and the car radio starts Poweramp starts playing the same song again from the beginning !!!!!
It just doesn't remember where the playback ended and it always starts playing the song again from the beginning ..... It's terrible !!!  Short travels in the city and you listen to the same song all the time from the beginning!!

Please where to set Poweramp so that after switching off the car and restarting the car started Poweramp playing the song where it ended 10 minutes ago and did not start playing the same song again from the beginning ?? !!

If this Poweramp can't do that, then recommend another Android car radio player, thank you George

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Hello, when I push : pause: and then turn off the car so after restarting Poweramp holds the song position where it stopped. 
I have to do it right now, pause --- off car --- start auto-push pause and Poweramp plays exactly where it left off.

 if I forget push pause the Poweramp will play the song again from the beginning

And I forgot to write that the Poweramp plays under Car Launcher AGAMA


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Then the problem is definitely that the device's power is being shut off too quickly, before PA has had a chance to fully save its status.

@maxmp perhaps it might be an idea to provide some sort of option for positional data to be stored every few seconds during playback, as a backup for cases like these where shutdown issues occur? 


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Poweramp saves state when it’s paused. It also listens for ACTION_SHUTDOWN and couple of other custom shutdown events, but as almost each headunit OEM for some reason invents own shutdown event, it’s not possible to guess and add it unless user extracts it somehow from the device (logs, forums). Thanks!

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