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As you can see from the screenshots, track 1 has 3 index maybe Poweramp doesn't read correctly. The total tme lenght of the album is wrong and the track 1 not should be 10:30 but longer. After 10:30 playing time, PA changes the track to number 2 keep on playing normally track 1 but "freezing" playing window. Touching the navigatiin bar causes the start of track 2.

Bug? Or what else?

Oneplus 6 9.0.9

PA 852/853 (previous I don't know...)





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@maxmp could you add a work-around at some point to allow for the presence of these sort of non-required INDEX entries? They are still a valid Red Book feature from older CDs - not sure if indexes are still ever coded on modern CDs, but they used to be present on classic music particularly and some older CD players could skip to them - so they shouldn't ideally be breaking Poweramp's scanner code if they are present. 


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