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    Poweramp Build 816

    @maxmp Thank you for italian language fix (@2131... instead of folder). A technical question: Why is, with hi-res enabled, the volume so different from a frequency to another? Usually with 176 khz (e.g.) volume is louder than others. Thanks again
  2. soundsample

    Poweramp Build 815

    @maxmp I tried to fix it but can't find the right string on Crowdin Language: italian @213123... instead of Folder Could you fix it please. A lot of releases it is like this. Thanks for all your great job
  3. soundsample

    Poweramp Build 814

    +1 Oneplus 6 Oreo
  4. soundsample

    Poweramp Build 811

    Tried several times but no way to switch to headset if not with "no dvc" enabled. Just when I was writing this post, a wechat notification comes. I tried again and now works. I wanna cry....
  5. soundsample

    Poweramp Build 811

    Oneplus 6 Oreo Since the last 4/5 releases, hires with wired headset doesn't work with dvc without a "workaround": Insert headset and sound comes out from speaker. Enable "no dvc" and sound routes to headset. Disable "no dvc" and sound routes to speaker again (just for check). At this point, listening music from speaker and wire inserted, I have to wait a backgroud notification signal (in my case wechat) and sound automatically routes to headset. At this point everything works. Bug? Thanks
  6. soundsample

    Poweramp Build 810

    @maxmp I looked for the incorrect "folder" string on Crowdin but I can't find it. Sorry... @213123... Instead of Folder Could you fix it in one of the next releases. Italian language only. English is ok. Thank you
  7. soundsample

    Poweramp Build 809

    Oneplus 6 Oreo A big mess with album arts in folder hierarchy Edit: not so big how it seemed to be
  8. soundsample

    Poweramp Build 809

    Question to Max Oneplus 6 / pie You said that Qualcomm cpu had something wrong that needed a "workaround" to have hi-res output + dvc enabled. Now we have it up to 192 khz. But do you think we will have it up to 384 khz and full functioning with dvc or we have to regret we have snapdragon 845? In your opinion, have we to wait someone in qualcomm have a good sleeping night and fix all the carriage? Thank you for all the work you are doing
  9. Thanks for acknowledgement. Hope Max fix it after more importan things he has to fix (very few at this point...)
  10. Oneplus 6 Oreo Is that right? 16 BIT - 48SKHZ ?
  11. Wow. Thanks a lot. I didn't know...
  12. Sorry if I'm a donkey, but I can't find how to find this "Audio Info" window. Where it has showing up from? Thanks
  13. Oneplus 6 Oreo When a bluetooth device is connected, skipping a track from it, takes 1.5 sec more or less instead of the immediate skipping of tapping directly on phone. This cause a cut at the beginning of the track. I faced it in 802 and now on 803. Previous versions were not affected. Edit: Tried following bluetooth headset: Plantronics GO2: cuts 1 sec Plantronics Fit: cuts 1 sec Plantronics Backbeat Pro: doesn't cut (why??) Mpow bluetooth adapter: cuts 1.5 sec