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Change the covering art folder


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Hello everyone, i have a question and i don't find any answer on internet.

My question is simple, how i can change the covering art folder ? 

The application takes everytime the cover of the first track on every folder and i want to change the cover.

I try to put some pictures as you can see my question: https://www.zupimages.net/up/19/45/pt8a.jpgpt8a.jpg

Sorry for my english i'm french =D


If someone can respond this would be very nice.


Thanks a lot =D

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What andrewilley said works in folder view. One file named "folder.jpg" for each folder.

Long pressing and choosing an image will change every song in the album. I like to change artwork of songs that were singles and only on a deluxe edition that has a different cover so I don't use that option. 

You can get the same function folder.jpg uses to work everywhere else in Poweramp also but you have to copy the jpg to poweramps /album_art/ folder and name it correctly. For example: /androld/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art/2pac - Greatest Hits.jpg

That will make Poweramp show whatever artwork you choose instead of choosing the first song artwork. This works everywhere outside of the folder view category.



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