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Feature request

As you can see there are various folders in my 'Albums' folder. I feel there could be sorting for these folders as well rather than just audio files. Because i recently added 5-6 albums and I'm having hard time finding them in this folder because there's no way to sort by date added/year.


Another request would be to add year category in library, it's long due. It's also very important just like genre, artists tab. Because sometimes I just want to listen to recent stuff with help of year wise sorting.

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The drill-down levels in Folders Hierarchy all use the same List Options sorting order as the lowest (songs) level does. I normally use By Filename for that. I tend to agree that most of those sorting options don't make sense for the folders levels though (folders don't have tags such as Artist, Album, Year, etc), perhaps @maxmp might be able to add a new layer of sorting for subfolders in Folders Hierarchy? 


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