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Resume on Headset or Bluetooth not during calls


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Dear Poweramp devs, 

I love your application and use it daily in my car, at work.

I have it set to resume whenever the bluetooth of my car connects or when I plugin my headset but there is a problem: When I'm in a long call and I'm entering my car to continue or plug in my headset because I need my hands free, the music resumes during call. This is very annoying, especially when my bluetooth cuts out and reconnects during a call. 

It's pretty much the same when I'm listening to music via the NewPipe Youtube app. It pauses Newpipe and starts Poweramp. 

Is there a way to not interrupt other calls or playback?

Best regards, 


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I would think that Resume on Bluetooth / Headset should check to see if there's a call in progress before it resumes on connection. Then when call ends PA can resume playing on the current connection. If neither Bluetooth or Headset is connected - no resume.

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