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"Stop after current" with Timer


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first of all, if there already is a "stop after current" function in PA, please tell me where to find it. I know this has been requested for some time.

Anyway, I think the way I describe it below would be a nice version of this function.

When timer is opened and set like this (time to 0 minutes and check "Play last song to end"):


It just does nothing. Instead, it could do the "stop after current" thing.

I think it would be logical to have it behave this way. Also the "Stop after current" function fits in the Timer related functions, so having it in there would make sense too. When the "Stop after current" function would be used, the Timer icon below album art on main player screen could be highlighted, just like when a Timer is set up.

PS. Sorry if this is a duplicate Topic

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On 8/17/2019 at 5:30 PM, w3wilkes said:

I would guess with this change there'd have to be a switch added to enable the Timer. It appears that the current design is setting it to zero disables the timer.

That isn't necessary. Timer on zero + Play last song to end unchecked = disables timer. Or you could just push the Reset button to disable timer, like now. Or the Cancel button to leave the timer like it was, before the popup was opened. 

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