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Force default image instead of album cover for a specific path

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Hi !

My issue is somewhat simple: the "Download" fodler of my phone is part of my library because I download my own mixes to listen to them in Poweramp... and when navigating into that folder in Poweramp, all tracks have the same random album cover that has been picked from the download folder. Because obviously that folder is full of mess other than music.

There's an existing option to force default image instead of the album cover. Is it possible for that option to be put for specific paths only ? Or a way to just change the entire folder cover ?

Thanks !¬†ūüėä

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There are a few official answers I guess, in order of preference:

1) Copy your own created tracks to more suitable locations in the first place. The device's 'Download' folder is really only meant to be a temporary/transient location. Personally on my PC I never use the Downloads location at all, and I choose the correct folder where I want my files to be saved.

2) Make sure each track that you create has its own embedded art (not too hard if you are creating your own mixes).

3) If you really must use the Downloads folder for mixed music storage, don't put any unrelated image files (or even songs with images) in there too, and turn the auto-download feature off.

Or at least just have one generic folder.jpg file in that folder. You may need to clear the existing artwork cache and/or do a Full Rescan for it to register though.


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Thank you for your answer !

I'll try to create a generic image in that folder and see if it works. I'm aware of all the other workarounds you exposed but those mixes are only intended to be listened on the fly to check balance with another support than my monitors, so those files aren't really meant to have a proper cover yet. Also as I'm doing that a lot, I would prefer not to have to move the files each time (I wasn't able to find any option in the Google Drive app to change the default download location or to be asked each time).

At the end,¬†that's a rather non-issue to be honest, I asked if that was possible just for the sake of convenience.¬†ūüėä

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Yes, it actually has no effect on individual tracks, at least in that particular folder.

But I did¬†resolve the issue by basically taking a screenshot of the default cover image, renaming it "folder.jpg" and it did the trick. For me, that's an adequate enough solution.¬†ūüėä

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