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Recently played doesn't work


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I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but the "Recently played" list just doesn't update for me. It just shows the same tracks I've played weeks ago.

using a Galaxy S10e.

I just cleared the list, play some songs, and the list just stays empty.

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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

Not sure why. How are you playing your tracks? Mine update fine immediately on playback starting.


I actually noticed this behavior too on my Sony Xperia XZ2, when I started playback on a song, it would immediately update in Recently Played.

But since I got this S10 it worked for a while, and now it seems like the list just froze or something.

I just PMed you my settings file, but I don't know if you'll be able to reproduce it.

Edit: I just found out about the "Play time is not updated while playing by this sort" message.. oh well.

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41 minutes ago, maxmp said:

Right, if your current list is sorted by playback time (recent played is, by default), Poweramp won’t update that to avoid constant resorting of that list. Thanks!

Is that a bad thing though?

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