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BT not displaying ID3 tags to car


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I upgraded my phone to a Oneplus 7 Pro and I'm found that Poweramp won't display the ID3 tags of my playlist to my car anymore.

My car is a 2018 BMW 1 Series (F20) running iDrive 6.

I've uninstalled Poweramp and reinstalled and had a play with all the settings but nothing seems to work.

I've tried google music and playerpro and both of those apps display the ID3 tags properly so I believe it is something to do with Poweramp and not the phone.

Can anyone suggest anything else I can try?

I would really like to stick with Poweramp as my player of choice.  Thanks

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I tried this as well, I went from the 1.4 (default) to 1.6 as per advice on another forum and that didn't change anything.

The metadata setting you refer to in Headset/Bluetooth, is it called "Metachanged Intent (for external apps)"?  That's the only option I can see in there that somewhat refers to metadata and that is already on.

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So I did a lot more playing around on the weekend and I can get it work properly if I go to settings -> apps & notifications -> Poweramp -> Storage -> hit the clear storage button.

Then it will work straight away as per normal.

If I turn off my car and straight away turn it back on it will still work but if i turn off my car and leave it for over an hour and come back then it will go back to "unknown song, unknown artist" again until i clear the storage again.

Any idea on what could be causing it?

Everything else works fine except displaying the metadata to my car.

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This one really has me stumped.

It works fine on 2 other non BMW cars that I've tried.

Seems to be some sort of compatibility problem between my phone, my car and Poweramp.  Since other audio software works fine on the same phone/car.

Looks like I'm in the market for a new audio player.

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