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Change Poweramp purchase email


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I have been testing new roms on my phone and now that I am done I can no longer verify my Poweramp license because the email provider of the email address I used to buy Poweramp no longer supports POP nor IMAP. I can still however send and receive emails using webmail.

I sent an email about the issue (as suggested by the help page) but I have got no reply.

Is there a better way to get this done? Thanks

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Good day I'm emailing you concerning the Poweramp app that I have downloaded from Google Play it is not performing well at all the power amp unlocker is not allowing me to push music from my files into Poweramp I can't download any songs once I download a song it's not pushing to Poweramp I have had power amp over 5 years and it's not performing well at all I have a Samsung eight 12 and for some reason it is blocking me Poweramp is blocking me from transfer music to my folders on Poweramp the attachment that I sent you is this is what it Poweramp is telling me when I'm trying to transfer music from my files to Poweramp please advise thank you


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From Android 11/12, Google has been placing more and more restrictions on how general (non-system) apps can access device storage. They have stated that they will be prohibiting overarching access to the root levels of either internal user storage or SD Cards for example.

Currently, most Android implementations don't seem to apply this fully yet - and even on Android 12 you can usually still use File Access Legacy Mode (in PA Settings > Misc) rather than Google's newer Storage Access Framework - but it is not known how long that will continue to work for.

It is possible for an app developer to apply to Google for special permission if they can prove very specific circumstances for which their app requires full access - such as a File Explorer application, or a Backup system - but realistically this is unlikely to be given to a music player.

For now, it would be best to just get used to Google's increasingly authoritarian Apple-like policies, and simply use a File Explorer to move all of your music subfolders into one master folder location, and then Grant Access to that folder in PA. That way you won't get caught out if Google decide to fully enforce their rules in the future. 


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