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Navigation inside long track

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I mainly use long tracks (albums, concerts) and I can't figure out how to position myself iside them. I know how to go back to the beginning when listening to something I partly used in the past but I would like to be able to go to an arbitrary position. I am not a Poweramp expert but I am sure this wonderful app allows this. Any help would be welcome. 

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Just use the seek bar (located behind the play/pause/etc buttons) and slide it left to right. There are various ways to set it up - the default Wavebar is perhaps best for moving forward and backward short distances, rather than for finding specific locations for which a Static Bar is more useful. To change between them, use Settings > Look and Feel > Skin > Seekbar Style. You can also enable Pro Buttons in there as well, which will restore the regular <<<|<<|>|>>|>>> five-button layout.  

If you want both types for different methods of seeking, there are even skins that offer that (e.g. https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/15556-free-poweramp-v3-skin-default-dark/ )


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