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  1. Thank you so much Andre! I am happy now 😎
  2. I mainly use long tracks (albums, concerts) and I can't figure out how to position myself iside them. I know how to go back to the beginning when listening to something I partly used in the past but I would like to be able to go to an arbitrary position. I am not a Poweramp expert but I am sure this wonderful app allows this. Any help would be welcome.
  3. After some experimenting it turns out that Poweramp sees my Spotify files as "number.mp3". If the number is more than 3 digits long, Poweramp skips it, otherwise it plays it wonderfully well. I have been able to build a playlist of 71 songs that play with a quality so impressive that I know I will want that level for ever. I don't want to spend ages hacking the spotify stuff to get it to work in Poweramp !! My question now is simply to know where to buy content to rebuild my collection in a Poweramp-friendly format. If anyone has info for me, I will be very happy. By the way I have been using
  4. Yes, my folders were ticked and are local (on the SD card) and Poweramp's scanner did find 269 of them (there are a lot more). That's what I can't figure out. Why does it not find more and why does it skip (it's giving me a "too many files skipped" error msg).
  5. I am new to Poweramp which i bought last year (v2) because I had read so many favourable comments. Last year I tried to scan my music folder (spotify) but it did not work: in my 40 GB of music files it found only 5 or 6 files and randomly played one or two, then it would stop. So when I saw there was a v3 alpha to test I jumped on the occasion. This time it found 269 songs, but it only plays 16 of them. It does it so well that I want to understand how I am supposed to find legitimate content for the app. I pay for my music (10 $ a month) and I would like to make Poweramp my main music app, but
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