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14 minutes ago, BogachanF said:

Hello everyone, 

I would like to remove unknown artist section are we able to do that? 

If it is your problem that you have songs without album artist tag that are then shown as unknown artist, try Settings > Library > Lists > Join Albums

This should do a full rescan when you change it, if need be do the full rescan yourself via Settings > Library > Full Rescan

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1 hour ago, BogachanF said:

Ah thats right i just deleted all tags from my musics to saw title like without tags, albums etc. Just like ' Artist - Song name' 

If there are any tags remaining that are confusing Poweramp, you could use the Display Filename option. Try the following two options, and of course always use Folders category mode, and path/filename sorting orders.

Settings > Library > Lists > Filename at Title
Settings > Library > Lists > Hide Unknown Album


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