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Another back button behavior question


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Throwing another back button question out there since all the ones I've seen up already seem to have gone unanswered.

The back button going from now playing back to the song list seems to behave differently from how back behaves elsewhere.
Below is a flowchart of what I see it currently doing on top and what I'd ideally want on the bottom (previous version allowed this).

Is there any way in the settings to change it to this or would this require changing code?
I've searched through the options multiple times and can't seem to find anything that achieves this.


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No, currently you cannot configure Poweramp so that it does what you want.

Configurable swipe actions have been requested though, so there's hope.

And you additionally would like an extension to the "Start at Library" option to go to the list with back.


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The back button behavior is actually my main annoyance at the moment.

The configurable swipe is a just a nice bonus that could be possible by freeing up the current swipe behavior.
I don't need to swap albums nearly as much as I want to go back to the song list to select a different song in the same album.

And although it's not draw on the flowchart, you can also easily exit the app from anywhere by just using the home button so you don't need to go all the way to the library just to exit. So I use the "Start at library" option.
Having home button as a quick exit the app option and back button as a undo/return to previous menu is how I use the button in most if not all apps so this is what I feel is the most natural to me.

I need to make a conscious effort to remember to swipe down from "now playing" and then use back everywhere else.
Too often have I mistakenly pressed the back button to be sent back to the library and have to navigate myself back to the song list.

It also seems redundant having two options going back to the library in this mode.


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It's not up to me I'm afraid, but I do personally agree that the Back button would be better to simply go back to whatever was the previous screen that the user was interacting with. There are several other ways to navigate to other locations in the app without confusing the Back functionality too.


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