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Shuffle search results?

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When searching for songs, there's no option to shuffle all results. 


Before when searching and selecting a track there used to be option to select play all or play filtered results. From there I could play filtered and if it was on random then it would randomly. Play the search results. 


Now when I search there is no option to shuffle. To play all I can click the play button, and to play just one track I can just select the track. However I cannot shuffle the search results.. 


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Long-press and select all the items you want to hear (you can mix-and-match any of the result types, songs, albums, etc - or just tap 'All' if you want everything) and then tap "Queue". The requested songs will then all be enqueued for playback, and you can choose to Shuffle the queue in 'Shuffle Just Songs' mode once it has started playing - if shuffle is not already set of course. Note: you may need to check that Settings > Library > Queue > Ignore Shuffle is not enabled.


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