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  1. Okay it looks like the audio device is irrelevant. After some time the colorized notifications and album art stop working and it shows as just grey with no album art. If I restart my phone the colorized notification is back. Any idea what causes this?
  2. hmm it seems to reset to grey whenever I connect to a new audio device (bluetooth or chromecast), however closing the app and reopening restores the colorized notifications. Not sure if this is an OS issue though but figured I would ask incase anyone else has the same issue then I know it might be one plus or device specific
  3. That worked. Thanks so much!! I should have probably tried that first.
  4. Thanks Andre for the tops for importing the ratings - will give that a go tonight My notifications are set on Auto however they look like the first of the two images. For what its worth though I tested spotifys notification and they have the same issue (grey instead of colorized) - although for Spotify the album art does show (for Poweramp it does not) I tried contacting one plus support but they were useless, im guessing it might be a One Plus setting or "feature" if its not something other users are experiencing. I've left it at auto for now and will have to try and adjust I guess unless there's anything else you can think of? Thanks for the help - much appreciated. Moderators should have BTC tip addresses so I could show my appreciation monetarily
  5. So two parts to this, I updated to Android 11 yesterday on my One Plus 8 Pro When I first opened it, it said it could not find any of my music folders. I had to go through and add them all again - but my Top Rated and Most Played all got deleted. Is there anyway to recover this? Or import them from my other phone? (I have a mobile device I use as a remote and it has most of the songs that I have on my primary device) Secondly, the colorized notifications dont work. I tried to play around with the notification settings on Poweramp but they it still shows as grey unless I choose the album art then it will show the album art image. I regret updating so bad, and may actually roll back but with my Top Rated and Most Played already reset there might not be any point =(
  6. Had the same issue today, tried using GoneMad, even paid for the full version, but its lacking too many things Poweramp has. Poweramp has a much better UI, plus I can control individual speaker volumes and already have all the settings setup exactly how I like it. Is it possible to make a donation or something to have this issue prioritized and looked into? I know other people are having the same issue so its not only me.
  7. That worked! Thanks, should have thought of that
  8. Not sure if there is a way to access this that I cannot see, but would be great to have a Never Played option or if the Most Played could include songs with a playcount of zero. With 6000 different files, and the Most Played only have 5994...I really want to know which 6 files were missed.
  9. Poweramp is now casting properly. No settings were changed just used gonemad for a bit then switched back to Poweramp and it's working fine. Really hoping the issue can be tracked down, I hate having to learn new uis
  10. I downloaded GoneMad music player and I do not have the issue using their app. Still have the issue using Poweramp
  11. When casting to a speaker group (4 speakers), the audio continuously cuts out. The weird part is I did not have the issue before, but it has started happening. When I cast using my desktop or another app like spotify there is no issues. Increasing the buffer size has not helped. When I cast to a single speaker, instead of the speaker group, I do not have the issue. I really love Poweramp and have been using it for years, and as such I really do not want to have to move to another music app to be able to properly cast my music. Any advice? Is there a pending update that will fix this issue? Thanks Android 10 - Oxygen OS 10.5.13.IN11AA Model - IN2020 (one plus 8 pro) Poweramp Version - v3 build 882 (882004-437be2ab) Really hoping we can figure out the issue and resolve it, as I have had it happen twice so far
  12. Having the same issue as well ... I thought it was an issue with my phone but using spotify or youtube to cast I have no issues. Tried increasing the buffer size but has not helped
  13. I miss the 5 star rating system. I don't understand why there would be a thumb up and thumb down. This only allows me to put songs in 3 categories as opposed to 6. Please bring back the 5 star system! Also integration with google assistant would be awesome, as I can not select Poweramp as the default music app and when I try and use voice commands it says "voice commands are not available for this app"
  14. yup I know but even sorting by date added to library does not fix the issue. It seems to be sorting first by file system date and then by date added to library. If I add old music to my phone it doesnt show in recently added, neither when sorting by date added to library nor file system date. If I however edit the metadata of the song, then it will show up in recently added.
  15. Having an issue when I add music to library, it doesn't sort by date added to library. Instead it seems to sort by date added/modified. For example I added a song to by library that was modified in 2014. It shows in my library but does not show in my recently added. Is there a way to get this to work without manually editting the file metadata?
  16. That last part was it. Thanks
  17. When searching for songs, there's no option to shuffle all results. Before when searching and selecting a track there used to be option to select play all or play filtered results. From there I could play filtered and if it was on random then it would randomly. Play the search results. Now when I search there is no option to shuffle. To play all I can click the play button, and to play just one track I can just select the track. However I cannot shuffle the search results..
  18. have you set force resume play under the audio focus settings?
  19. I have been able to get it to pause during phone calls by doing two things, but these are not optimal 1. Disabling direct volume control. Not ideal as it affects audio output 2. Enabling short audio focus change. Not what I want because I do not want the music pausing for notifications or for navigation. I only want it to pause when I send or receive a phone call Enabling duck volume does not seem to help, as the audio plays choppy when I receive a notification or have navigation on.
  20. Ever since the update to oxygen os 9.0, Poweramp no longer pauses during a phone call. I have played around with the audio settings but it doesn't seem to pause during phone calls anymore.
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