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  1. yup I know but even sorting by date added to library does not fix the issue. It seems to be sorting first by file system date and then by date added to library. If I add old music to my phone it doesnt show in recently added, neither when sorting by date added to library nor file system date. If I however edit the metadata of the song, then it will show up in recently added.
  2. Having an issue when I add music to library, it doesn't sort by date added to library. Instead it seems to sort by date added/modified. For example I added a song to by library that was modified in 2014. It shows in my library but does not show in my recently added. Is there a way to get this to work without manually editting the file metadata?
  3. When searching for songs, there's no option to shuffle all results. Before when searching and selecting a track there used to be option to select play all or play filtered results. From there I could play filtered and if it was on random then it would randomly. Play the search results. Now when I search there is no option to shuffle. To play all I can click the play button, and to play just one track I can just select the track. However I cannot shuffle the search results..
  4. have you set force resume play under the audio focus settings?
  5. I have been able to get it to pause during phone calls by doing two things, but these are not optimal 1. Disabling direct volume control. Not ideal as it affects audio output 2. Enabling short audio focus change. Not what I want because I do not want the music pausing for notifications or for navigation. I only want it to pause when I send or receive a phone call Enabling duck volume does not seem to help, as the audio plays choppy when I receive a notification or have navigation on.
  6. Ever since the update to oxygen os 9.0, Poweramp no longer pauses during a phone call. I have played around with the audio settings but it doesn't seem to pause during phone calls anymore.
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