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Listen music in Poweramp while watching videos in YouTube

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It's possible to do that? 

I want to mute YouTube and continue listening the audio of Poweramp. 

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Probably not, YouTube will take over the Android audio output regardless of whether you then mute its sound or not. You could try running PA after having muted YouTube, but I don't know if that will work.


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My Samsung S8 and latest 8.0.0 android has a "play media sound from one app on an audio device separate from your phones main audio output device. Select an app and an audio device to turn this on"

Seems I had never used this and likely never will.  However It looks like it would do what you are thinking. ie play back from Poweramp to bluetooth headphones for someone else and yet you can watch youtube and hear the internal speaker sound. 

Why stop at one or two. They have no vision these manufacturers. maybe they do, as next year it will be three audio playback=new phone, year after=4 and another new phone.

Nothing like the old multitasking, i used to have a pc just for downloading, another for graphics design and another for word processing, no trouble to reboot anyone, and very good isolation between them too.

what i am saying its cheap enough to have several phones for different purposes these days or other family members. Just an idea. 

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