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The Wave bar problem


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The highly controversial new UI has pain point that probably is uncontestable.

The new wave bar as is overlapping with the main buttons so it's prone to unintented clicks both trying to press the main buttons (and pressing the wave bar) or trying to click the wae bar (and pressing the main buttons).

Plus when the track is kind of quiet you can't see the sound wave as it's hidden behind the buttons.

While running and other activities like driving (ok, I should not use it while driving) I don't find that practical the function of dragging the wave bars (same as having to to hold the first clock counter to start again the song , but that's another battle).

Also, usually I you highlight the part that is already played. Right now the highlighted part is the one remaining to be played. Counterintuitive of any progress bar.

I know that make everyone happy it's impossible but take into consideration these points.



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I will add the plain seekbar (for these 2% requesting it) in the next build. The power of Poweramp is also in its tweak-ability, so if some option is requested and it's possible to implement without breaking something, it's usually added (even if it takes years 🙂 like for transitions/animations).

But please note that it will actually take more vertical space on wide screens (meaning older devices with 16:9 aspect ratio), making album art smaller on them. For 18:9+ screens there is enough space.

Also plain seekbar has less touchable total area, so it's harder to click on it (the waveseek has 2x or more touchable area).

Also, in v2 it's prone to miss-clicks even more (but of course v2 users get used to that) - immediately navigating to lists.

Btw, you may get better results from Static Seekbar option (settings / Look and Feel / Skin) as it the same touch-wise, but larger and somewhat easier to click vs plain seeekbar line.

(Also you can try the plain seekbar option in 3rd party skins).

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I think the combination of Pro Buttons, a traditional style seekbar, and the ability to move the title-text under the artwork rather than superimposed over it (i.e. closer to how things looked in v2) could go a long way to towards heading off the criticism from people who preferred the simplicity of original layout and/or don't like change or clutter.

I would suggest a version of the old 'Hide Panels' feature might also help the people who are getting confused by all the extra icons, or annoyed that touching almost anywhere on the screen acts as some sort of control surface.


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On wider screens it's already reducing size of album art to put 2 lines of text under album art. v2 placed menu / repeat/shuffle rating over album art area, but in v3 there is a navigation bar on the bottom. It's closer to fingers - but takes vertical space.

No problem with 18:9 screens, though.

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